Volkskaster Guitars

Project Volkskaster

Our Volkskaster Guitars are an open and individual concept.

They are not standard guitars and are assembled exclusively according to sound specifications with a balanced and harmonious sound and great playability.

A Volkskaster feels like a long-time played guitar.

Each Volkskaster has a Cryo treatment as a basis and gets a 12 days play-in process with our new electromechanical play-in system.

The guitar is not only mechanically equipped with a vibrating speaker, but also connected to an amplifier. Strings and electronic components are in operation during a 12 days processing.

A Volkskaster can also be completely customized on customers request.

Depending on the given budgets we use bodies with Poly Urethane as standard, but a Nitro finish for neck and body is also possible.

Here you see the Volkskaster "Mario 1" in Sonic Blue with aged hardware and plasticparts.

A Wudtone Finish is also possible.

Custom designs for bodys and necks are possible on a limited scale.

The pickups and hardware can also be installed according to customer requirements.

Europe's largest guitar magazine has a great guitar test in the issue 11/2017 with our Volkskaster models on Cryo Tuning!