Guitar Finish Info

Wudtone finishing kits

One of the advantages of using a Wudtone finishing kit is that no specialist skill or spraying equipment is required. Spraying with aerosol cans can be dangerous, but the Wudtone method is so safe that no special breathing equipment is required.

With a Wudtone finishing kit, the method of application means that you will never apply more finish than is required. Slow-curing and the self-levelling properties of the wood ensure that you achieve a professional result, whilst at the same time reducing the dampening effects of a conventional paint finish to maximise the resonance, feel and tone of the guitar.

Wudtone finishing kits:

  • enhance the beauty, uniqueness and natural ageing process of wood.
  • create a breathable, hard-wearing finish.
  • don't dampen tone like solvent-based polyurethane and nitrocellulose lacquers.
  • are easy to repair in the event of damage to the surface, unlike when traditional lacquers crack.

The finish kits come with a base coat and top coat, which provide full protection for the wood. Thanks to their microporous consistency, they won’t crack or blister. The finish is extremely durable and hard-wearing.

The finish kit contains:

  • Base Coat
  • Top Coat (please choose an option)
  • 1 pair of disposable nitrile gloves
  • Optionally, you can also select gold or silver highlights

The base coats contain pigments and/or dyes, depending on the colour choice. These are dissolved in natural oils, wax and curing agents. No grain fillers or sanding sealers are required, as the oils, pigments and dyes soak into the wood during the application of the first few coats. The wood will let you know how much is needed. Lighter and more open-pore woods will need slightly more than denser woods. You will quickly notice that less and less of the base coat is required with every new coat, and you can vary the density of the tint through the number of base coats (normally between 2 and 5). The top coat, which contains wax and curing agents, is also slow-curing, self-levelling and normally requires 2 to 5 coats.

Gloss level:

With a Wudtone finishing kit you won’t achieve the thick, mirror-like gloss finish that you do on a guitar finished with polyurethane or, to a lesser extent, with nitrocellulose lacquer. However, the level of gloss can be improved with our Extra Gloss Top Coat. When you place your online order, simply state the top coat of your choice and the required number of top coats.

The photo shows the difference between a Satin Top Coat and an Extra Gloss Top Coat on a Carmine Gypsy body.

Regardless of the top coat chosen, any guitar finished using one of our kits will quickly develop a lovely, natural patina once you start using it. Both with the Satin Top Coat and Extra Gloss variants, the depth of gloss can be varied by applying a different number of coats and – of course – by polishing once the finish has completely cured.