Cryo Tuning Handling

What is the procedure for Cryo Tuning?

First, the suitability of the instrument must be clarified. It is best to contact us by phone or e-mail.

Then the guitar can either be delivered directly to us or to one of our partners.

When sending by mail, please note the following:

If guitars are sent to us, please note the following important points:

  • If possible, the guitar should be sent in a sturdy case. The strings should be relaxed.
  • The guitar should be fixed in the case. To do this, pad out the guitar in a suitcase with some newspaper.
  • Also pad out the suitcase in the shipping box.
  • The package must be able to withstand a drop of min. 1m.
  • When delivering to a post office, it should be noted that the shipping label is additionally fixed with a bit of Scotch tape. The shipping label can be detached from the box very easily and can be lost.
  • Please always put an address proof in the suitcase. In case of loss, the sender or recipient can be determined!

The treatment takes place after receipt of payment.

When will I get the guitar back?

The throughput time is currently about 7-10 days.