Callaham LP 54 Wraparound Bridge Cryo

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LP Stopbar Tailpiece

mit Cryo Tuning


Passt optimal zur Callaham ABR-1 Bridge.

Direkt Replacement für alle Gibson Gitarren mit ABR-1 Bridge.

Cold Rolled Steel, handgeschliffen und poliert.

" Machined from the same alloy as our ABR-1 bridge, the steel tailpiece yields the additional definition and frequency response so many Gibson styled guitars need. The tone change can best be described as being equivalent to going from a dead set of strings to a new set of strings. Coupled with our steel ABR-1 bridge, the instrument starts to take on piano like qualities. The notes are absolutely solid and the feel of the response is highly touch sensitive. Retweaking of your amp settings is not out of the question. You should be able to flatten out the response so that switching from bridge to neck is more balanced. "





Frage zum Produkt

Frage zum Produkt


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